Mrtzcmp3 is gone... july 2008- feb 2015

Thank you for supporting us all this years!

Update: Hi Guys. After hundreds of e-mails, i feel like have to publish this update. First of all thanks for all kindly emails. I created this project 7 years ago when i was a high school student. And never think about getting profit from Mrtzcmp3. When we think our ad revenues and donations, they were nearly pay bills every month. But of course, it is not the reason for shutdown. After 7 years, i grow up. finished college and find myself to decide whats the next move ? I think next move is, closing Mrtzcmp3. I want to say sorry to all independent record labels. Everyone asking me another site like this one, i really dont know the answer :) But if you a regular music lover, just give a chance to Spotify(no its not a ad) :) One Last Word, if you like a tune! at least go to the concert of its creator! one last time, Cheers! You can still follow me on twitter Lol!
twitter: @mrtzc

Update 2: I want to say special thanks to all DJs who is used Mrtzcmp3. I listen millions of perfect tracks by you talented DJs, you were great!